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Thursday, July 2, 2020 – Intelligent Mobility Summit at Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington

08:00AM to 08:30AM

Registration & Breakfast

08:30AM to 09:00AM


09:00AM to 09:20AM

Keynote Speech

09:20AM to 10:30AM PANEL ONE: Car of the Future: Opportunities and Implications of Case and Digital to Car of the Future

Connectivity, Autonomous, Shared and Electrification (CASE) trends are highlighting the inadequacies of traditional technologies and business models. As the automotive ecosystem transforms, disruptive growth and innovation have become the norm. The car of the future, bristling with enhanced connected, safety, convenience and performance features, is opening up new revenue channels. It is also testing automakers to remain competitive, become more agile, harness data monetisation opportunities, make more focused investments in digital technologies and fend off the challenge of tech companies. Overarching all this is the need to rethink customer engagement strategies in order for the car of the future to deliver highly personalised customer experiences. This panel will discuss the multiple ways in which CASE and digital technologies are redefining strategic imperatives across the mobility landscape.


Sarwant Singh, Managing Partner, Frost & Sullivan



10:30AM to 11:00AM BREAK

11:00AM to 12:00PM PANEL TWO: Digital Transformation of the Automotive Industry

Digitisation is transforming the automotive industry. It is enabling greater resource efficiencies, supporting cost rationalisation, sparking innovation and triggering massive growth opportunities. Simultaneously, it is accelerating and amplifying disruption across traditional automotive value chains. As digitally-driven services—in-vehicle retail, connected car offerings, and automated driving applications, among them—emerge as key brand differentiators, automotive companies are looking anew at business models, partnership strategies and investment focus. This panel will assess how digital transformation trends are playing out and the varied approaches being taken by industry stakeholders to crest the digital wave.


Dr. Julia E. Saini, Associate Partner, Frost & Sullivan


Ben Volkow, Chief Executive Officer, otonomo

12:00PM to 1:00PM PANEL THREE: The Advent of the Mega Mobility Players and their Mega app all Encompassing Mobility Services Platform

Mobility services across the board are being revolutionised. Changing attitudes to private vehicle ownership and increasing pressure on the economics of mobility are creating unprecedented opportunities for disruptive solutions. Technology-enabled, all-encompassing mobility services platforms – the mega mobility apps – are changing the way people move about cities, causing a churn in value chains, and fostering more holistic approaches to urban mobility. This panel will discuss the radical transformations being wrought by mega mobility apps and the new sources of value that they will unlock.


Shwetha Surender, Industry Principal, Mobility, Frost & Sullivan


Sarah-Jayne Williams, Director of Smart Mobility, Ford Of Europe GmbH
Gregory Ducongé, Chief Executive Officer, Vulog

1:00PM to 1:50PM LUNCH

2:00PM to 3:00PM PANEL FOUR: Next Generation Connected and Autonomous Car Platforms

One of the overriding dilemmas for automakers today is how to effectively and sustainably invest in next generation connected and autonomous driving technologies. Such concerns gain urgency as R&D spends get channelled towards other, more immediate imperatives like powertrain electrification. With little visibility on the road ahead, automakers are also falling behind their technology counterparts in terms of monetising data generated by connected cars.


Krishna Jayaraman, Program Manager – Connectivity & Telematics, Mobility, Frost & Sullivan


Derek de Bono, Group Product Marketing, Vice President, Valeo
Sebastian Rettlinger, Group Lead HMI/Creative Supervisor connected mobility, Magna Telemotive
Dirk WollschlaegerGeneral Manager, Global Automotive, Aerospace & Defense Industries, IBM Corporation

3:00PM to 3:30PM BREAK

3:30PM to 4:30PM PANEL FIVE: The Electric Revolution: Implications to New Industry ECO System

Acknowledging their wider responsibility to promoting environmentally sustainable practices, automakers are fast-tracking the development of their electric vehicle portfolios. The ensuing disruption is changing the business and organisational structures of automotive manufacturers and suppliers as well as the dynamics between them. As a new ecosystem emerges, players will compete to capture new profit pools and manage the complex transition ahead. This panel will address how the mobility industry is responding to these new imperatives and how it can fully leverage the opportunities that lie ahead.


Dr. Jose Serras-Pereira, Director, Mobility, Frost & Sullivan



4:30PM to 5:30PM PANEL SIX: Future of Freight Mobility


Franck Leveque, Partner & Business Unit Leader, Mobility, Frost & Sullivan


Giorgio Delpiano, General Manager, Global Retail & Commercial Strategy, Shell International
Fred Reinig, Head of Daimler Truck Product Planning and Strategy, Daimler
Dr. Jan Kroenig, Head of Strategy, Daimler Trucks


Sarwant Singh, Managing Partner, Frost & Sullivan

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