The future has arrived, inspired by connectivity, autonomous, shared, electric and digital transformations. With no signposts for the road ahead, automakers confront a journey filled with thrilling and unexpected possibilities.

The car of the future will look, act and drive like nothing we have been used to; as much for consumers as for automakers. Vehicle design & architecture and the very platforms on which they are built will be reimagined. Value chains, business models and ecosystems will be disrupted in entirety. Non-traditional stakeholders, new revenue opportunities and cross-industry collaboration will take the mobility universe into uncharted territory.

As cars become natural extensions of customers’ digital lifestyle choices, automakers will look to partnerships outside the established value chain to provide an all-encompassing digital experience to consumers. Strategies will focus on customer-centric approaches to vehicle design and value creation.

Connectivity will offer customers the freedom to select features on demand, new functionalities related to car performance, multimedia, comfort, safety or convenience, any of which can be seamlessly added at any point to improve their driving experience. “In-vehicle marketplaces” will empower drivers and other passengers to make online purchases of various products and services from the comfort of their cars.

Data generated by connected cars, infrastructure and other devices will link vehicle owners or users to an ecosystem of personalised services. For automakers, data monetisation models will enable process, product and performance optimisation, while opening up new customer segments, markets and revenue streams.

Autonomous technologies will usher in a driverless revolution, further reinforcing highly individualised in-vehicle experiences. Over time, autonomous fleets managed by mobility providers will boost asset utilisation, anchoring an era of shared and accessible mobility. Strategies here will focus on safe, convenient and economical autonomous driving solutions that can scale to multiple business models and regions.

Regulations and customer demands for clean fuels have made electric vehicles central to automakers’ future plans. Identifying appropriate vehicle platform strategies will be critical to realising the potential of electrification and future proofing automotive portfolios.

Connected, autonomous and electric will be the bedrock on which shared mobility will thrive. A reflection of customer expectations, shared mobility models are already undermining personal ownership paradigms. They will integrate with other forms of public / private transit, infrastructure and parking to knit together a unified and cohesive Mobility as a Service (MaaS) ecosystem.

Technology-driven changes will ripple across freight and logistics, supporting cost reductions, productivity improvements, and process efficiencies through enhanced asset utilisation. Impacts will be felt in strategic planning & order processing and inventory management as well as long haul transport and last mile deliveries. Autonomous technologies, in particular, will accelerate freight deliveries, replacing traditional supply chain and logistics models.

To understand more about how stakeholders in the automotive industry will engage with this evolving landscape, Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Intelligent Mobility Summit will examine the complex challenges, opportunities, risks and rewards presented by “Connectivity, Autonomous, Shared, Electric and Digital Transformation Trends.”

Among the hot button themes on the agenda include:

  • Digital strategies, new business models, and next generation cloud and data platforms / infrastructure
  • The advent of mega mobility players
  • Next generation connected and autonomous car platforms
  • Implications of the electric revolution on the new industry ecosystem
  • The future of freight mobility
  • Mobility moving to 3rd, 4th and 5th dimension with flying urban vehicles, Hyperloops, Drone deliveries and high altitude inter continental travel

Join us at our 12th annual Intelligent Mobility event to learn more about how the mobility industry is using disruption to reinvent itself and prepare for the future. Network with industry leaders, policymakers, investors and peers. Gain perceptive insights and ideas into groundbreaking strategies for a new era in mobility.

We look forward to welcoming you to Intelligent Mobility 2020.

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