2021 Growth Partners

Platinum Partner


HERE, a location data and technology platform, moves people, businesses, and cities forward by harnessing the power of location. By leveraging our open platform, we empower our customers to achieve better outcomes – from helping a city manage its infrastructure or a business optimize its assets to guiding drivers to their destination safely.

Gold Partner


Geotab is advancing security, connecting commercial vehicles to the internet and providing web-based analytics to help customers better manage their fleets. Processing billions of data points daily, Geotab helps businesses improve and optimize fleet productivity, enhance safety and achieve stronger compliance.

Silver Partner


Murata is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of ceramic passive electronic components, wireless connectivity modules, and power conversion technologies.

Since its establishment in Kyoto in 1944, Murata has contributed to the advancement of society and the evolution of the electronics industry. Our innovations can be found in a wide range of applications: mobile phones, home appliances, automotive electronics, energy management systems, healthcare devices, and more.

Today, Murata is a global enterprise with over 140 offices worldwide. Aspiring to the slogan, “Innovator in Electronics,” approximately 74,000 Murata employees strive every day to develop promising new technologies, “world’s first” innovations, and products shaping the future of electronics, all toward enabling our customers to realize their visions.

Media Partners

Asia Research News

Asia Research News is on a mission to increase diversity of expert voices in research and innovation news. We have worked with thousands of researchers to communicate their discoveries to the wider world. Our highly experienced team offers a complete suite of communication services and training for research institutions looking to expand their international presence. Asia Research News is proud to support Asia’s research community and increase awareness of Asia’s innovation.


The specialized portal EVlist.it in the Italian language about all matters related to hybrid and electric mobility. EVlist.it collects arguments like autonomous driving, recharging systems, tax breaks, available technologies, and much more.

Japan Automotive Daily

Daily Automotive News is the world’s biggest automobile specialized daily newspaper since its foundation in February 1929. On a daily basis, they provide information ranging from development, production and manufacturing of materials of finished automobiles and suppliers, to administration, logistics, education, sales, maintenance, and recycling.


JB Press

JBpress have been partnering with overseas media such as FINANCIAL TIMES and The Economist since early on, and have been developing useful contents for business professionals fighting on the front lines under the concept of “winning the world with real intelligence”.


TechCrunch Japan was founded in 2006 in Japan as a translated version of “TechCrunch”,  a news website dedicated to the tech scene, originally founded in 2005 in Silicon Valley. We provide breaking technology news, opinions, and analysis on tech companies  from around the world.

From publicly traded tech companies to emerging startups and venture capital funding rounds, TechCrunch is your number one guide for all things technology.



NEXT MOBILITY is the cross media of real magazine & web news site to deliver the meaningful contents about the automotive for the new mobility era when the automobile industry structure has been changing.

Supporting Partners


EVAT promotes the usage of EV in Thailand which leads to a reduction of road pollution especially in the major cities.  In addition, the EV deployment also improves the energy efficiency in transport sector. The EVAT support includes the industrial manufacturing, research and development on EV technologies in Thailand; this strengthens and increases the competitiveness of entrepreneurs in Thailand into the global market. The objectives are to support the knowledge exchange and innovative technology collaboration Electrical Vehicle (EV) and all related technologies, to support and consult on regulation, standardization and operational solution which will lead to deployment, manufacturer and developmental research on the Electrical Vehicle (EV) in Thailand and to promote and advertise an appropriate and safety usage of EV to the public.




Global Fleet

Global Fleet is the only platform dedicated to fleet and mobility managers with worldwide responsibilities. It provides the essential information to optimize its fleet globally.

Frost & Sullivan

Akasaka Park Building
5-2-20 Akasaka, Minato-Ku
Tokyo 107-6123, Japan

+81- (0)50-6875-0901

Frost & Sullivan’s Intelligent Mobility has grown year-on-year to become an industry-recognised event. We are proud to again provide a platform featuring high-profile industry experts and visionaries, thought leaders, parliamentarians and senior executives who gather to debate, discuss and present on the future of mobility and new business models.

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