Conference Highlights

Frost & Sullivan is proud to provide a platform featuring high-profile industry experts, thought leaders, parliamentarians and senior executives who gather to debate, discuss and present on the future of mobility and new business models.

Who’s Attending

Our annual flagship event attracts a diverse network of industry leaders and is specifically, but not exclusively, designed for:

  • Automotive Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Consultants and Engineers
  • Fleet Operators
  • Logistics Companies
  • Leasing Companies and Car Dealerships
  • Mass Transport Operators City Planners
  • Mobility Integrators
  • “New Mobility” Providers, Operators, and Stakeholders
  • Policy Makers
  • Research Institutions and Universities
  • Systems Integrators
  • Transport Journalists, Visionaries and Related Associations
  • Transformation and Digitisation Executives

Key Objectives of the Conference


A 02 day interactive conference to be hosted on a unique virtual platform to discuss and evaluate Growth Opportunities in new Mobility Business models covering Personal and Public Transport Systems

  • Presentations from OEMs, Technology Platform providers, IT Companies, Government representatives, and other industry stakeholders
  • Event partner exhibition opportunities to be showcased throughout
  • Interactive sessions throughout the day to review opportunities and challenges in the market
  • IP Handouts covering global market potential, infrastructure developments, business models and market opportunities

ATTENDEES: Approximately 1000+ delegates

An opportunity for unparalleled industry insight on a broad range of topics:

  • Mobility beyond 2020
  • Connected Car IOT Platforms
  • 2025 Trends in Connectivity in Passenger Car
  • 2025 Trends in Connectivity in Commercial Vehicles
  • Health Wellness Wellbeing solutions in Connected Vehicles
  • New Business Models
  • EV Architecture and Circular Economy
  • Future of MaaS
  • Air Mobility

Executive MindXchange Participant Testimonials

testimonial quote

“A great opportunity to step outside of your normal job to see above the trees and map a better path.”

–Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Director, Sales, 24-7 INTOUCH 

testimonial quote

“A fantastic event that brings experts together to share experiences, challenges and solutions, in a dynamic,inspiring environment! The networking opportunities are many and diverse, putting you in contact with peers so you can share knowl- edge on the spot and in the future.”

–Manager eCommerce, Sales Strategy & Excellence, ADIDAS INTERNATIONAL TRADING B.V. 

testimonial quote

“A very social event,enormous amount of relevant knowledge and sharing of experience and best practices.”

–Account Director, ASPECT SOFTWARE 

testimonial quote

“I thought the interactive sessions as well as the General topic sessions were excellent. I was able to interact with peers who are facing some of the same challenges that I am, sharing ideas and techniques that will help in the future.”

–Chief Operating Officer & Executive Vice President, NELNET BUSINESS SOLUTIONS 

testimonial quote

“Very engaging, lots of content, jam-packed with activities, demos, and networking opportunities. Peers focused on similar relevant business issues and the solutions used to address them.”

–Client Communication Consultant, NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL 

testimonial quote

“Superior conference format that lets the participants interact with each other and share insights, directions, and challenges, without the sales hype…Every session, whether keynote speeches or fireside chats, produced key takeaways and best practices.”

–Vice President, Solutions Consulting, WATERFIELD TECHNOLOGIES 

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フロスト&サリバンが主催する インテリジェント モビリティカンファレンスは、ロンドンで過去10年にわたり開催され、モビリティ・自動車業界で認知されたイベントとして成長を遂げてきました。私たちは、業界をリードする著名な専門家やビジョナリーリーダー、ソートリーダー、政策立案者と、未来のモビリティおよび新たなビジネスモデルについて議論し、未来のビジョンを形成するプラットフォームの場をご提供します。

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